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Since its inception, Some-No-Juraku Co. Ltd. has been making kimono using only the finest quality material and the best in craftsmanship. Specializing in authentic Kyo-Yuzen kimono , we have built our reputation on keeping with the centuries-old Kyo-Yuzen technique of kimono making. We constantly work with our craftspeople to further refine the art.

An authentic Kyo-Yuzen kimono requires about twenty stages to completion, beginning with conceptual design to finish. Every one of our kimono piece features a unique design with very fine patterns, which must be laboriously drawn by hand. The sheer refinement of our Kyo-Yuzen kimono pieces has meant that only a small set of these tasks can be mastered by one person during his/her lifetime. We have worked hard to maintain the traditional method of kimono making, which is done through division of labor among a network of talented craftspeople. This has become increasingly difficult amidst the unfortunate trend among many kimono manufacturers, which have come to trade off refinement and high craftsmanship for volume and economic efficiency.

Company Name: SOME-no-JURAKU Co.Ltd.,
Founded on: May, 1967
Market Capitalization (yen): 30 million yen

History of the Some-no-Juraku Company

1947 May TAIZOH Takahashi established a fine Kimono fabrics wholesale and manufacturing business, Takahashi TAIZOH Shoten
1967 Reorganization of Takahashi TAIZOH Shoten into the Some-no-Juraku Company, Ltd.
1980 Completion of the new home office of the Company
1987 Hirofumi Takahashi assumes control of the Company.
1997 Hirofumi Takahasi officially inherits the business name of TAIZOH, becoming TAIZOH Takahashi II.
2001 Grand opening of “Kimono Gallery TAIZOH” in Ginza, Tokyo
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